Help to lighten the load for . . .

. . . children like Juma
Juma is 15 years old: ‘In the evenings I visit my grandmother nearby and help her by washing dishes and sweeping the floor. I play with people from school  – we like playing football very much.’

Juma only realised he had leprosy when a volunteer encouraged him to go to the hospital. In his words, ‘I was scared when I found out, but the volunteer from the village told me, ‘Don’t  worry, you will be healed.’

Juma seems a fairly quiet and serious boy, which is because he’s had to grow up quite quickly. The Leprosy Mission supported Juma’s education and provided money; half for the house he built himself and half for two goats. He now has a baby goat and hopes that they will continue to breed so he can sell some to pay his school fees or buy exercise books.
He also plants beans and other vegetables in a garden at the back of his house. He says you can use the leaves of the plants in cooking too.

Watch our Tv ad about Juma, from Mozambique.  Thanks to our supporters Juma was able to transform his life. Can you do the same for other children like Juma?