Stamps and Collectables achieve another record total in 2010:


One thing that doesn’t change is the unfailing support and help we receive from our supporters. Our grateful thanks go to everyone who has supported our sales of stamps, coins, postcards and other small collectables. One of the recent changes is the method used in stamp production and in particular the introduction of the self-adhesive type. We welcome ALL types of stamps, even the most common, but would prefer that all self-adhesives are left on their backing and not soaked off. All stamps on paper now sell very quickly, especially if they are already trimmed. Excitingly, for the first time in our 27 years, demand has outweighed supply, so please continue to collect and encourage others to do so too!

Justice and Dignity – Our theme for 2011

On the outskirts of Awassa in Southern Ethiopia, all the rubbish and dead animal carcasses were taken to the city dump to rot. People were forced to live amongst all this waste, including families affected by leprosy. A few years ago, through the great efforts of The Leprosy Mission and local officials, an agreement was reached to clear the land and make it habitable. With the rubbish removed, new strongly built houses, with toilet and kitchen facilities, have been provided to replace the old ramshackle huts. Water is now readily available from a well and life for many families affected by leprosy has been dramatically changed. Just seeing the joy on the faces of the young people who will benefit most from these changes makes us realise how important the work of The Leprosy Mission is, not only medically but in other ways too. Our thanks to you all for helping to make changes like these possible and please KEEP ON STAMPING.

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