The true meaning of Easter

Today’s Easter Sunday Reflection is by Josh Waddup.

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Easter is a time of year that brings many memories from my childhood, good and bad. Finding out that the Easter bunny doesn’t visit my house and breaking my nose on a tennis pole after getting slightly over excited during a very intense Easter egg hunt all in the same year is likely to stay as the worst memory I have.

Now that I am older, the memories that I have are less so about the chocolate eggs and other goodies and mean that I can reflect upon the story within the bible and the life that Jesus lived. Going back to the first time I heard the Easter story in Sunday school was obviously a hard story to get my young mind around. I came to best understand it with an imaginative open mind, accepting several things including Jesus is God on earth and Jesus is showing heaven on earth.

The miracle of the Easter story is one that allows us to reflect upon the incredible, inspiring and world changing life that Jesus Christ lived.

With the story of Easter and the life of Jesus in mind, I find myself thinking about the work carried out by the field workers of The Leprosy Mission all around the world. Within The Leprosy Mission, there are people working for God, with true love and care for everything they do and often making sacrifices to help those affected by leprosy and others in need of care.

I think specifically of Dr Joydeepa, an amazing lady who dedicated many years at the hospital in Purulia, not leaving for more than a night to make sure that patients received the care and love that they needed to put them on the correct road after illness.

Staff like Dr Joydeepa, are able to do this because of the help of our amazing supporters.

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Dr Joydeepa at Purulia Hospital, India