Seeking shelter in a life full of storms: Munia’s story

After her own family set fire to her, Munia came to Purulia Hospital where she can receive ongoing care and support for her leprosy. She is one of the young people in our nativity this Christmas, hoping you’ll hear her story.

Munia is only 25 years old yet her story is unimaginable. As a young girl, she developed patches on her legs but her parents didn’t take her to a doctor and so the disease took hold – causing life changing and devastating disability. She was eventually diagnosed with leprosy in 2009.

A few years later, her parents and her brother died leaving her all alone.

In India, where Munia lives, the government offers a welfare programme for orphans like her to receive a monthly allowance. But in such an impoverished country, money like this can cause jealousy and violence. Munia’s uncles were so jealous that at night, they came to Munia’s house with petrol and set her alight.

When Munia survived, her family beat her with sticks until she ran away.

She fled to the railway station and lived there for two weeks. It was there a stranger noticed the severe ulcers on her hands and legs and took her to Purulia Leprosy Mission Hospital. Munia now lives in the safety and shelter of the Mercy Home.

Kindness from supporters has saved her life.

Munia now has a safe place to call home where she is loved and cared for. She was given a wheelchair to help her move freely around the hospital grounds and has recently begun walking in shoes especially made for her. She has learnt to read and write and has taught herself crafts including embroidery and making rugs from rags.

Your support means we can continue to care for orphans like Munia.

Without the care of the Mercy home, Munia would’ve had nowhere to go.

A gift from you this Christmas means we can continue to care for Munia, and others like her, to make sure they don’t go through the same devastation in the future.

Act today to help someone like Munia, give a gift online.

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