Nandlal’s hope for a new home


Lal Bahadur Tamang and Kanchhi Maya Tamaz
Nandlal and Muna

Nandlal, 58, and his wife Muna live in Kavre District, Nepal, together with their four grown up children. Before the earthquake, Nandlal had overcome leprosy, going through long term treatment at Anandaban Hospital. With support from the hospital, he had started up his own business – a grocery shop – and was also keeping goats. It was a far cry from the life of suffering he experienced before being cured of leprosy.

25 years ago, he noticed strange symptoms – tingling sensations in his arms, and blisters on his hands and feet. Traditional healing had no effect, so Nandlal eventually visited his local health clinic and was horrified to be told he had leprosy. He told us he was afraid because the stigma surrounding disease was so bad.

As his symptoms got worse and developed a terrible ulcer on his leg, a neighbour suggested he go to Anandaban. By the time he arrived, the ulcer had become infected and had made him seriously ill. Thankfully Nandlal finally received the care he so desperately needed – and was cured of leprosy.

His ulcers have never returned, thanks to the fact he follows the self-care regime he was taught at Anandaban. And happily, The Leprosy Mission’s stigma prevention work in the area means he has been able to carry on with life without prejudice from the community.

But Nandlal’s life changed forever when the earthquake hit. The whole family was in the grocery shop attached to their home when it happened. Mercifully, the shop did not collapse and they escaped uninjured,  but the house was destroyed. Three of their five goats were also killed when their shed collapsed.

The family lived under tarpaulins, until they received emergency aid – thanks to your generous response to our earthquake appeal – that enabled Nandlal to buy corrugated sheets to make a temporary shelter. The shelter is a short term solution, but they need a permanent home.

Right now, Nandlal is unsure what the future holds. The effects of leprosy on his hands and feet mean he is quite limited in what he can do – but the death of his goats and his damaged, unstable shop mean he’s worried about having enough money to get by. Most of all, the family need a new home that would keep them safe and sheltered from the elements.

You can help Nandlal and others like him get the fresh start they need. Nandlal has been through so much because of leprosy, disability and now the devastation of the earthquake. A gift to the Rebuild Nepal appeal could ensure that he will have a fresh start.

A gift of £20 will provide a toilet and sink for a new home. And £55 will pay for a pallet of bricks to get building started. You can make a difference to people like Nandlal today.


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