‘A painting a day’ for The Leprosy Mission


An artist with a special link to The Leprosy Mission is dedicating this summer to raising money for us in a unique way.

The youngest daughter of Eddie Askew, the late General Secretary of The Leprosy Mission International, has certainly inherited her father’s artistic talent.  Jenny Hawke is a contemporary watercolour artist and made a pledge to paint a painting a day throughout the summer to be sold in aid of The Leprosy Mission.

Jenny, who spent much of her childhood living in India while parents Eddie and Barbara Askew served The Leprosy Mission, has challenged herself to spend an hour each day to painting something which has inspired her.  So far we have seen work depicting a day trip to London, helping out at a local food bank in Surrey and making apricot jam!

The paintings are six inch squared in size and are sold via Jenny’s Facebook page, but if you’re interested in purchasing one, you can also contact Jenny through her website.  A new painting is posted each day priced at £25, £20 of  which benefits our work.

Jenny, who lives in Surrey, says she is enjoying the challenge which she views as a “pictorial diary” of her summer and plans to continue the fundraising project until at least mid-September!



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