Arrived safely in Niamey: brought rain

Well, a few drops of rain but Bunmi was pleased as they had not seen any for almost a month.  An hour later our building – the guest house at the Care Children’s Hospital – was engulfed in a sandstorm.  Charlotte advises that sandstorms and contact lenses do not mix well! Also in the guest house is Angelika from TLM DR Congo who is visiting Niger for two months.  It is wonderful to speak with people who give all their life to our work and live amongst the nations in which they serve. 

Tomorrow we are being picked up by the pilot of our three seater plane that will fly us to Danja.  We are excited at the prospect of meeting June Leach and the patients of Danja Hospital in the upcoming days.  Our notebooks are at the ready!

Blessings from Rosalyn and Charlotte 🙂


2 thoughts on “Arrived safely in Niamey: brought rain

    1. We are back in Niamey safe and sound. No sandstorm this time! Often tired and hot but loving the experience and the camaraderie.

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