Tell Aardman to stop making fun of leprosy

Body parts do not fall off people affected by leprosy.

A trailer, promoting the new animated film, portrays those affected by leprosy for humorous effect.  It shows an arm falling off a character on a so-called leper boat. You can see the trailer here

Every two minutes, a person, possibly a child, is diagnosed with leprosy.  They will be scared of the disease and the terrible discrimination it will probably bring and they will invariably be one of the poorest of the poor.

The word leper is derogatory, outdated, and is associated with someone who has been rejected, ostracised or regarded as an outcast.

People affected by leprosy have asked that the word no longer be used. It is an offensive term that has historically been used to justify appalling treatment and the passing of stigmatizing legislation.

The Leprosy Mission is calling for the scene to be removed from the film, as well as an apology to be issued by those involved in its production.

Will you join our campaign to end the use of this humiliating term?  Sign our petition now.


2 thoughts on “Tell Aardman to stop making fun of leprosy

  1. As if it isn’t hard enough already for people suffering from a disease where the level of ignorance is staggering. Aardman should be hang their heads in shame.

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