Trek for Treatment in Nepal, 2012

Nepal is among the poorest and least developed countries in the world where almost 30% of the population live below the poverty line.

The Leprosy Mission’s hospital in Nepal is at Anandaban, in the hills about 12km outside Kathmandu. This is a lifeline to leprosy-affected people and to the wider community living in the scattered rural mountain communities all over Nepal.

Many patients come to the hospital after having travelled for many days. Anandaban provides essential treatment to these patients. Leprosy is curable and patients are given the multidrug therapy (MDT). Depending on how long the leprosy has remained untreated, it can take anything between six months and up to two years to complete the course. However, many patients still require surgery to help rebuild their lives.

By taking part in our March 2012 Nepal Trek and raising much-needed funds for Anandaban, you will enhance the lives of all the patients of Anandaban, including those affected by leprosy. You will join that special band of people whose contribution has raised so much money for our work in Nepal over the years. Here’s what a previous trekker said about the experience: “I saw many stunning and amazing sights in Nepal but seeing the work at the hospital and the dedication of those involved, will command my long lasting respect.”

Visit The Leprosy Mission for more information and Facebook to view a gallery of photos from our latest Trek .

For the experience of a lifetime trekking in Nepal, register by 14 October 2011.  Contact Jean by email: or call 01733 370505


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