Give a special gift – twice!

When you buy a Gift for Life for a loved one or friend, you are giving them something they can be really proud to receive. We’ll send you a FREE gift card to help them remember the gift you’ve given in their name. But your gift gives twice; you are also blessing a family or community affected by leprosy.

Gifts for Life – gifts that last a lifetime
Leprosy doesn’t just affect a person’s health; it can lead to divorce, family breakdowns, even losing a job or business.  That’s why our Gifts for Life are specially chosen to meet all of a person’s needs, going beyond medical care to restore dignity, hope and independence to lives affected by leprosy.

We have a choice of gifts that last a lifetime.  Here is just one from each group:

Community gifts – A leg to stand on
The effects of leprosy can
severely damage the feet.
Pay for specially made
sandals to protect
desensitised feet. £10

Educational gifts – Looking good
Having the same
smart clothes as other
pupils, who aren’t
affected by leprosy,
can be remarkably
uplifting and bring a
great sense of pride.  £20

Healthcare gifts – Eyes on the prize
Leprosy patients often
develop cataracts or an
inability to blink, which
can lead to blindness if
left untreated.
Cover the cost of an
operation to restore
the priceless gift of sight. £35

Rehabilitation gifts – Repair & restore
Help reverse the damage done
by leprosy by paying for a
patient’s reconstructive surgery,
restoring mobility and protecting
them from stigma.  £120

Visit our website to find out more and to see the full range of gifts


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