Walkies – Stage 31

Portloe – Mevagissey (12.3 miles)
Distance from Minehead – 361.1 miles / Distance to Poole– 271.3 miles

Today’s stage took me past Dodman Point, the highest point on the South Cornwall coast. On the top of Dodman point is a large, granite cross, which was put here in 1896 by a local vicar.

Dodman Point Cross

 I have seen a large number of crosses along the journey so far – a mixture of navigational tools, memorials for sailors, monuments for the shipwrecked or those washed up, or simply a Christian symbol. This cross however was erected to bring encouragement to those who make it all the way up the hill. On the bottom of the cross is an inscription:

“In the firm hope of the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, and for the encouragement of those who strive to serve Him; this cross is erected AD 1896”

As I have been walking I have been overwhelmed by the level of encouragement and support I have received – from friends, from family, from colleagues, from supporters and from complete strangers. These messages of love and encouragement have boosted me along the way and have given me the strength and energy to continue. They have also reminded me why I am doing this (which isn’t always obvious to me on the endless climbs and knee straining descents!) and that I really am making a difference.

I was talking to someone recently about the importance of the lighthouses and how far out to sea their light can be seen. They then told me that they had heard (but had not yet tested the theory) that it is apparently possible to see a candle light from 4 miles away. I found this fact absolutely astonishing. How small and seemingly insignificant is a candle, especially when it is compared with the magnificence of a lighthouse. Yet it can be seen up to 4 miles away! Wow!

Be encouraged & encourage others

When we encourage someone it may seem like a small gesture. A card at a time of difficulty doesn’t always seem enough, a kind word or a hug doesn’t always feel big enough to convey our feelings or the support we want to show others in their times of difficulty or challenge. But that small encouragement can go a long way, just like the candle light. As someone who has been on the receiving end of so much encouragement recently, I urge you to, like the cross at Dodman Point, like the small candle in the darkness, be an encouragement to someone today.


One thought on “Walkies – Stage 31

  1. You do not know how timely lots of your blogs have been… like candles in the darkness they have brought hope and clarity. Thank you! Have a very shiney day today 🙂

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