Walkies – Stage 28

Coverack – Helford (13.1 miles)
Distance from Minehead – 325.1 miles / Distance to Poole– 307.3 miles

Today has felt a little like a Wallace and Gromit film, but instead of the ‘Wrong Trousers’ it was all about the ‘Wrong Boots’. I have already mentioned how difficult it can be to sort out the logistics of doing linear walks and yet still needing a car to carry all my stuff. Today I was lucky enough to have Nikki as backup – she drove her car and I drove my car to the day’s finish point at Helford. Then Toby and I jumped into her car and she drove us back to the start so that we would be walking to my car. This way we didn’t have to depend on anyone waiting for us and we could, when we finished the stage, drive away to mum and dad’s house for a much needed rest day. 

The problem came when we got back to Coverack to discover that I was wearing my Sketchers and not my walking boots. The much needed boots were comfortably resting in my car back at Helford while I was needing to start walking in Coverack. Although it is not a particularly great distance between the two villages as the crow flies, as the road takes you it is a blooming long way, so no time to go back and get them. This meant a day in the wrong boots – or shoes to be more precise.

I'm not sure Sketchers designed these for coastal path walking

My sketchers are comfy enough but they were not built for walking 13.1 miles on rough terrain. They are elasticated (which makes them sound like shoes suitable only for the really young or really old!) and so can’t even be tightened for more support. This was a huge problem as a couple of days ago I had gone over on my right ankle again and it was majorly painful. All day my feet were slipping and sliding inside my shoes – one minute my toes were squashed as we went downhill, then the next my heels were coming out the back when trying to climb uphill. And the soles were so thin that I could feel every lump and bump and tiny stone under my feet. I was not a happy walker.

1/2 way there......1/2 way still to go!

And it should have been a happy day as at Porthallow I passed the ½ way point of the whole walk – 315 miles done, 315 miles to go! Although that was a slight disappointment as it seemed Porthallow was closed for the day – not that the village looked like it was ever open much!

By the end of the day it was not only my feet that were aching and in pain, but also my knees, my hips, my back and my shoulders. It seems that the wrong footwear has knock-on effects for the rest of the body too. I hadn’t realised it at the time, but in an effort to stop walking in a painful way for my feet, I was putting extra pressure and tension on other parts of my body. I hadn’t quite realised or appreciated how having the right footwear can give you the proper support, comfort and protection for both your feet and also your whole body. When there is a problem with your boots / shoes then the effects can be far reaching. I made a mistake, albeit an unintentional mistake, and my body is now telling me that the consequences of this error are far reaching. If I think honestly about other mistakes I have made, both those which were intentional and those unintentional, then I realise that the consequences can also be far reaching. Apart from the initial hurt or damage done I have no doubt that there are hidden hurts and damages which are only revealed over time, or with the mistake being repeated. I am glad that I have a rest day for my body to recuperate after my ‘wrong boots’ mistake and I am eternally grateful that I have a Saviour to go to in order for my soul to recuperate and put right after my other mistakes.


5 thoughts on “Walkies – Stage 28

  1. Hi Nat, i appreciate ur footware dilemma. I’ve been packing for the monsoons in Myanmar…. but who knows what the weather will really be like. So, i’ve included wellies, sandals, flip flops and am wearing my shoes. I’m taking ur advice n making sure i have appropriate footware. Can i ask Thai airlines to call u about the excess luggage payment??? keep it up gal, loving the blog x

  2. Fantastic to be over half way Natalie!… I tend to like silence for concentration when packing my stuff for a distant ,and (always imagined in my head) – gruelling – day’s walking. It’s great we have the Bible to keep us togged up for our spiritual wanderings! Hope this weekend’s going well despite predicted rain.Thinking of you.xx

  3. This shows how vital your efforts are for people affected by leprosy too. It is cucial that they have access to the correct footwear which will help to prevent further damage to precious feet which may have nerve damage and be unable to feel. You really are stepping out for people affected by leprosy!!

  4. Well done on reaching the half way point Natalie!
    Yesterday I was out for a run and, in the distance, I saw a lady, not dissimilar to you walking her dog. Two thoughts came to me: why is Natalie here and why has Toby shrunk so! Clearly Exeter bypass is not on your coastal path but it made me think and pray for you both.

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