Walkies – Nat & Toby’s Walk of Hope

To everyone who is missing Nat’s wonderful blog postings.

We’ve heard from Nat and she is doing well – still walking, but lack of access to the internet and mobile phone reception prevents her from posting to the blog at the minute.  She’s hoping to get access later in the week.  So keep a look out!

Keep praying and thanks (on behalf of Nat) for all the encouraging comments!

NEW to The Leprosy Mission (and JustGiving) – you can now text in a donation.  Simply text TOBY02 and the amount to 70070.

PS.  100% of a text donation goes to The Leprosy Mission.

Thanks for your support!


3 thoughts on “Walkies – Nat & Toby’s Walk of Hope

  1. Keep going Natalie! Great to hear you are doing so well. Thinking of and praying for you. Guess you’re coming up to Helford now if all is going to schedule(?) Hope you didn’t get the rain we did yesterday. Looking forward to reading how you’re doing on here soon when you’ve got connection again. Claire

  2. Hello Natalie – glad you’re able to plod on – and on! I do admire you and just because you seem out of communication reach with us, it doesn’t stop us thinking of you and praying. So we can imagine how much more God is looking after you (never out of reach!). Great to hear you in the service Sunday at Wonford. Joan x

  3. Thanks for the update.

    Natalie, I was only saying to Brian this morning how I could understand if you simply had a bath, a meal, and slept at the end of each day’s walking. Keep up the good work!

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