Tea time for change

A Westminster Lobby for International Development
9 June 2011 – Central Hall, Westminster, London, 11am – 4pm
Tea time for changeTake the opportunity on the 9 June to meet with your MP at Westminster and highlight concerns related to people affected by leprosy.  Tea Time for Change is a unique opportunity to express your views on global poverty and priorities for action in international development.  Billions of people across the globe still live in abject poverty, with over 1 billion people still lacking access to clean water.  Changes need to be made at governmental level.  Tea Time for Change is your chance to make a stand for the rights you believe those living in poverty should receive.

Held in Central Hall, Westminster, the main issues being discussed will be aid (the UK government’s commitment to ring-fence spending on international aid and reach the target of 0.7% of Gross National Income by 2013), innovative funding (plans to access new and innovative sources of finance for development which remain untapped) and tax and transparency (saying no to tax dodging, and yes to transparency).  After the formalities are over you will have the chance to speak directly to the MPs over tea. 

More information on Tea Time for Change

Advice on what to say to your MP


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