Walkies – Stage 14

Port Isaac – Rock (11.7 miles)
Distance from Minehead – 166.8 miles / Distance to Poole– 466.3 miles

As Penny and I set off from Port Isaac filming was taking place for the popular TV programme Doc Martin. Today’s walking companion, Penny, lives in Port Isaac (only for 15 years so is yet to make it to ‘local’ status!) and was telling me about how her husband loves being an extra on the show. It has apparently split public opinion of the Port Isaac folk, some of whom love the fact that the show has put the village on the map, and some of whom think that it has brought more costs and problems than benefits. Either way one thing is for sure, it has brought in the tourists. From every fair land that the show is aired in, they come flocking – just to see the outside of a house that a fictional character supposedly lives in!

The thing is that us Cornish Folk are very proud of our corner of the world – fiercely patriotic is perhaps a more apt way of putting it, but we are not too good at sharing it. Anyone who dares to cross the Tamar into Cornwall automatically becomes an ‘emmet’. This is a derogatory term for tourists and non-locals (Devon and other such places call them grockles) and it has even been the source of much amusement when someone created a website advertising a fictional ‘Porthemmet Beach’ as a way of making fun of non-locals.

perfectly worded sign

As I was walking I saw this great sign in a lay-by which clearly expresses the way the Cornish feel. Although this attitude is quite ironic when you consider that tourism is now Cornwall’s main industry and without it the county would be considerably poorer than it already is. It is true that a huge number of second home owners have come and damaged communities and out priced the locals, so that you have to be incredibly rich to be able to afford a house in this beautiful place. But that doesn’t mean we should close the borders and not let anyone in who doesn’t contribute to Cornwall’s finances. If we do that then we run the risk of never sharing all that we have to offer.

I realise I am slightly biased, but Cornwall has been given so much beauty and culture, history and great food, all of which should be shared in order to be truly valued. If we hide the aspects of Cornwall which make it so great then we are the ones who will suffer as no one will ever come and appreciate it and the county will end up alone and penniless. 

Each and every one of us has been given gifts and talents, skills and great beauty, all of which should be shared in order to be truly appreciated. If we hide who we are, the God given assets we possess, the interests and passions we find and nurture, then we are the ones who will suffer. Not only will we be denying the person God made us to be, but we will also miss out on so many things which come along as a result of our getting involved in this little thing called life.

Although saying all that, I still think that emmets can’t drive and shouldn’t be allowed on these tiny, Cornish roads!


11 thoughts on “Walkies – Stage 14

  1. Well done Nat. Keep it up.
    You have just done over a quarter of the walk and are going really well.
    Much enjoying your blogs. You MUST publish them afterwards.
    Blessings Lots of love from us T and J

  2. So we were privileged to be let in to Cornwall! Just watching Countrywise on ITV – visiting North Devon. Looked for you… Hartland looked ferocious as ever. Glad you’ve had good day. I think I envy you.. More delights await tomorrow – it’s the joy of living! Joan.xx

  3. Oh dear, I’ve just looked up ’emmet’ in an online dictionary – apparently means ‘ant’. Oh dear, I’ve just referred my Mum to your blog because she lives at Carbis Bay-moved there from the Midlands. O dear – I’m in trouble now! It’s still a great posting though Nat! Enjoy your walking today (18th)

  4. Hmm… Reminds me that we are all Emmets and Grockles in this world when we belong to the Kingdom of God. Enjoy that fact that you are loved by Him today and everyday… He holds you in his hand.

  5. Another great blog – look forward everyday to reading about your travels and being inspired by a thought for the day – think you are the next Eddie Askew! God bless your path today.

  6. Loving your blog – you’ve inspired me to make my first trip to Cornwall!! Hope you can lie in pastures green tomorrow on your ‘rest’ day, and are able to get some restoration for your feet as well as your soul! Looking forward to your next posting….

  7. Definitely a book deal in the offing here. Just read an interesting article on Wikipedia about how to measure coastlines. Apparently the smaller the measuring stick the longer the coast becomes, e.g., if you use a 12 inch ruler the total is much longer than if you used a yardstick (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/How_Long_Is_the_Coast_of_Britain%3F_Statistical_Self-Similarity_and_Fractional_Dimension). The lesson is obvious Nat – take big steps and you won’t have to walk so far. Hope there are no plans to roll this out across all the ACs’ areas. The Welsh coatline is 1000 miles I hear – but I suppose that depends how you measure it. Keep going Nat. Thinking of you.

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