Walkies – Stage 7

Instow – Westward Ho! (11.7 miles)
Distance from Minehead – 87.5 miles / Distance toPoole– 545.4 miles

mmm...a perfect mid walk treat, lunchtime treat and post walk treat!

Today has been a day of history and ice-cream. And perhaps a little of the history of ice-cream. Locally made Devon ice-cream from Hocking’s that is. That’s because one of the people walking with me today was Pat, and Pat is a local Devonian who works for Hocking’s Ice-cream. Pat also knows his history.

This meant a fascinating day of learning all about the boats and ships built in Appledore and then sent out for the Armada, about the Victorians who holidayed in the local region and brought their railways along with their ‘male’ and ‘female’ bathing areas, and all about the American soldiers practising beach landings for WWII. All of this was punctuated with a medium vanilla cone with a flake (no longer called a ‘99’ as they are far more expensive than that these days!)

Historic Instow

We walked along a relatively small stretch of the British coast between Instow and Westward Ho! (the only place in the country with an exclamation mark) a mere 11.7 miles, and yet there was so much history. So much has happened in this small north Devon area that it filled a day of walking telling us all about it. I wonder if the people Pat talked about ever knew that the actions in their lives would be retold and would still be impacting people’s lives  hundreds of years later.

Obviously we can never know the full extent of the ripples that our words and actions make and how they will impact and influence the lives of others in days, weeks and years to come. Perhaps something you do today will become the folklore which sustains walkers in the next 100 years or so! Perhaps this thinking is too philosophical and I should have another ice-cream instead – it would be rude not to and through my selfless eating of this local delicacy I am doing my bit to continue the legacy of Hocking’s Ice-cream which has been going since 1936!


One thought on “Walkies – Stage 7

  1. Glad to hear this is becoming an intellectual challenge as much as a physical one. When do you get the lesson in geology that you can pass on to us? Continue to have fun.

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