Alisha’s Story

As Easter approaches, we are reminded of hope and life, of joy reborn and a future to look forward to.

Sadly, for people living with leprosy, hope and a future can be very rare indeed. We need your help to continue funding the life-changing work of Anandaban hospital in Nepal. Anandaban is the only specialist leprosy hospital in the area, and also the best hospital for general care for many miles around. This means a high demand for its services and many thousands of patients this year who desperately need the holistic treatment that Anandaban can offer.

If you are able to contribute, it could mean a new life for people like Alisha, a patient at Anandaban.




Alisha has three young children under five and was diagnosed with leprosy three years ago. “In the winter we sit near the fire because it’s very cold and so I got a blister,’ Alisha explains. “Then slowly my hand became anaesthetic. I went to the government hospital and they diagnosed leprosy. I also have anaesthesia (loss of feeling) on my little finger and the side of my left hand. I have burns and blisters on my arms and legs because I kept sitting too near the fires and didn’t realise it.”

Alisha has now been cured of leprosy, thanks to a course of antibiotics known as multidrug therapy, and her leprosy-damaged hand is being restored through surgery and physiotherapy. However, that’s just the start of the problems Alisha’s leprosy has caused her.

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