Celebrating our supporters and staff alike

We’ve got some great supporters and staff who are doing some amazing events to help people who are affected by the neglected tropical disease that is leprosy.
Here are just a few of them:
• In the North East, staff and supporters have decided upon a novel way to raise funds for The Leprosy Mission’s Kothara hospital.  They’re riding the Tyne Zipper at a speed of approx 30mph! You can sponsor them or join in, or both.  Just contact John and he’ll pass on all the details.  You’ll have to be quick though because there are only 14 places left!
• In the South West Natalie’s taking on a huge challenge of walking the coastal path during May and June.  That’s 630 miles from Minehead to Poole.  During the walk she will climb the equivalent of nearly four times the height of Everest!  Will you help Natalie to change the world for 1000 people affected by leprosy? She would love to see you along the way. Just visit her page to find out where she’ll be and when.  If you’re not up to the challenge of walking a section with her, you can always show your support through sponsorship.  It’s quick, easy and secure to donate through JustGiving online.

• Another great event is Martin’s Mega-Run.  Martin’s from the London area and he is running the entire length of the Grand Union Canal.  That’s 147 miles from Birmingham to London to raise funds for our work in Nigeria.  Again, visit his page on our website and find out the details.  He would love to have your support

• Then, there’s John King – on 17 April he is kayaking along the Thames. It’s called the London Kayakathon and it is 26 miles!  100 sea kayakers will paddle up the Thames and John chose to support The Leprosy Mission after reading one of our newsletters.  Big thanks John.  You can find out from the Kayakathon website and keep an eye out for info on our website-coming soon.

These are just a few of the amazing things happening this year.  Visit our area events pages for info on other events too, including lots of Walks of Hope.  There’s so much going on-something for everyone.


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