Celebrating our volunteers

FIONA, one of our volunteers’ lives in North Devon with her family.  They run a small holding and keep cattle, pigs, goats and poultry.  Fiona explains why she volunteers for The Leprosy Mission:
‘I’ve been a supporter for several years, regularly buying items from TLM Trading Limited.  Last year I saw a request for Prayer Leaders and as our chapel holds regular prayer meetings each month, we decided as a group to support The Leprosy Mission though prayer.  I agreed to act as a co-ordinator, so I receive regular updates on items to be included in our prayers, information that can be distributed to the other members, and lead Leprosy Mission prayers in our prayer group meeting.  I have found the role a very rewarding one knowing that we are praying for others on a regular basis.’

JANICE, another volunteer, promised herself that when she retired and had more time she would do some voluntary work, but definitely not in an office as she had spent most of her working life in one!
‘On moving to the Peterborough area I heard of The Leprosy Mission and contacted them.  I realised that what I had to offer was in fact my admin experience.  I now work one day a week in the office among the friendly and helpful staff.  Working in a Christian environment is a wonderful experience and I enjoy working in an office much more than before.  Each week is completely different.  I would say to anyone thinking of volunteering, take the plunge and use your talents.’


It’s great to know that volunteers from all parts of the globe do whatever they can to help people affected by leprosy.
Our Volunteer Co-ordinator in Nigeria tells us that volunteers help to make contact with churches, enabling us to visit and raise awareness about leprosy. They also speak in churches on behalf of the Mission, the same as volunteer speakers in England & Wales. Also in Nigeria, volunteers meet twice a month to pray for the Mission and for people with leprosy. In Niger State they visit all four leprosy settlements at Bank Holidays and other special occasions to pray with patients and encourage them.

Whatever you do, thank you for the part you play.  Find out more about other vital volunteer roles in England & Wales.


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