An inspirational moment . . .

Gifts for Life - give a special gift - twice!

We have some amazing supporters!

A small, but very loving and generous church, Narborough Congregational Church, Leicestershire, who have supported us for many years, decided to buy a house for a recovered leprosy patient and their family from our  Gifts for Life’ range.

It all started when their Leprosy Mission rep, Enid, was thumbing through a copy of our Trading catalogue.  She was inspired by God and amazed at how small an amount would do so much for a family.  In her words ‘When we live in comparative luxury it seemed so little to provide a home, security, self-esteem and confidence to people who have suffered so much.  I sat thinking, “We could do that”.’

House from Gifts for Life rangeShe presented the idea at their next church meeting, with amazing results!  She was inundated with suggestions for raising money – from the offer of a company donation to the Sunday school children deciding give their tuck money during Lent.  A 9-year-old girl organised a talent show with a judging panel and a collection basket at the end!  A young boy brought in the 20ps he had saved, adding up to £10.  A biblical bring-and-buy sale washeld where everything sold carried a relevant scripture.  This raised over £150. Another young boy felt very challenged and told his mum he would save his pocket money – mum then matched what he saved!  The children raised a tenth of the total and money continued to flood in from other events.

As Enid said, ‘When God inspires and we obey, wonderful things happen, and it is not for us to limit the works of His hand.’

The group had originally planned for one house, but then it was suggested they might get two.  Someone even said ‘Why have two when we could have a village?’

Thank you so much, Narborough Congregational Church.


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