World Leprosy Day is celebrated on the last Sunday in January

in over 100 countries. In 2011 this is 30 January.

For many the burden of social exclusion, through loss of home, work, spouse or marriage prospects, is a daily reality, and a situation that The Leprosy Mission sees time and again in its work and projects. The Lord calls us to defend the cause of those who are excluded and marginalised, so, as well as medical care, the Mission’s work strives to bring the justice and dignity that many people affected by leprosy have given up hope of attaining.

This year for World Leprosy Day, The Leprosy Mission is aiming to raise funds and prayer support for staff, services and patients at its Naini hospital in northern India. Naini is close to a main station, so patients come from far and wide to receive treatment which otherwise might not be available to them.

Could you support the work of Naini hospital this World Leprosy Day and help to meet the needs of the huge numbers of leprosy patients, who are unlikely to receive the same level of care and rehabilitation if Naini didn’t exist?

Rameshwa was determined to have the surgery he neededRameshwa is a small boy at Naini hospital for surgery on his right hand. Being rural farmers, his mother is too poor to be able to leave work and stay in the hospital with him, and so he has been staying there on his own. This has been hard for him, but he is determined to have the surgery he needs.
When he first heard his diagnosis . . . more


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